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HPCL Revolutionizes Retailing of Petroleum Products in India

When we at HPCL review the past decade, we find many reasons to Smile. Change is the only constant. We at HPCL believe in this and have implemented new ideas, set high ideals and have evolved over the years. And in the process, we have contributed towards a modern, stylish and technologically advanced Retail Outlets in India.

In 2002, we introduced Club HP, a feel good brand, with the promise of Outstanding Customer and Vehicle Care. With this move, we became pioneers of Branded Retail Outlets in India. In 2003, we assumed a new Retail Visual Identity which is the best in the Country.

Our aim was Customer service and satisfaction and we put this into practice with the idea of New Retail Outlet Formats that were developed in the year 2006.These formats were specifically designed to cater to needs of the various customer segments. We understood that improvement and enhancement helps create competitive advantages and increase efficiency.

The year 2008 was the year for Leveraging Technology for us. Hence we created e-fuel stations. As part of progression in technology NANO concept was launched in 2009 (No Automation, No operation). There are around 2000 automated Retail Outlets in the country setting high standards in customer care.

In 2010, we have introduced Standard Operating Practices in order to standardize the operations, safety procedures and customer care across the country. Our Loyalty program is a rich and value based initiatives in customer care which guarantees special benefits and conveniences to the satisfaction of valued customer's .We have now created a premium brand in the name and style of Club HP Star for retail outlets. The unique value proposition for this premium brand is quick service. The customers will be treated like stars in these premium outlets which are also automated outlets.

This journey of transformation was not only exciting, but also rewarding.

HPCL has won the coveted Reader's Digest Trusted Brand Gold Award 2013 for the eighth consecutive year, thus strengthening the customer's trust towards our 13000 outlets. We have also won Star Retailer award for the last seven years. The awards we received were recognition of our initiatives and accomplishments in Branding, Loyalty & Marketing. Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

At HPCL, we believe in the maxim: Think big, dream big and achieve big. We are the future - a future full of energy.

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