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Loyalty Card Program Features

More Control

Control on fuel spends for efficient fund management

Effective funds utilization through "Central Cash Management System" (CCMS)

CCMS acts as a central account for all transactions of the User Cards.

Multiple Modes of CCMS Recharge

Customer can load money into his CCMS account by many cashless modes including Electronic Fund Transfer (RTGS/NEFT)

Multiple Modes of User Card Reload

The program offers customers facility of Remote Loading on card through CCMS.

Efficient Fund Management

Transfer of fund from CCMS account to user cards or any user card to the other on real time basis. This is in addition to the provision of allocation of fund from CCMS Account to each card through setting card-wise limits so as to optimize expenses

Balance Transfer

Excess amount lying in User Card can be transferred to the customer's CCMS account by logging in to or by using the 'Balance Transfer' function at the EDC terminal.

Monitoring of transactions any time

Customers can monitor various transactions made by user cards on website

Price and Quantity availability on web

Against all sale transactions, price and quantity of fuel purchased are available on web.

Provision of Parent Customer

Provision of multiple Customer View

Quality and Quantity Checks by HPCL

Tracking of Vehicles

Mileage Calculation

The program has facility of recording of odometer for the customer to calculate mileage and distance covered

Real time tracking of vehicle

Web based real time vehicle tracking - The program provides customer facility to track his vehicle


Secured Transactions

Online Transactions

All transactions are online with immediate availability of information.

Safe Transactions

Safe and secured transactions, as all transactions and validations are online.

Control Card for the owner and User Cards for the end users

Separate PINs for control cards and user cards for higher security.

PIN based validation

Provides added security for each transaction

Individual card limits

Customer can allocate limits to his individual user cards. This is in addition to the real time balance transfer facility available in the website.

System generated receipts of purchase

Customers get receipts for each transaction

Secured web-log in with separate user ID and password

Only customer or his authorized representative will be able to log-in with his unique user ID and password.

Transactions without manual intervention

Fully automated transactions

24 X7 online account management through secure web log-in

Access to all card usage information

Limits management for each user card

Customers can decide and allocate limits - daily, monthly, one-time and unlimited. Customer can also transfer fund from CCMS account to cards or from any of his card to the other on real time basis.

Web based MIS reports

Web based MIS reports on fuel purchases, reward points and balances


Insurance Benefits

Insurance cover for accidental death as well as total and partial permanent disabilities

Insurance cover for accidental death as well as total and partial permanent disabilities for select customers and driver / helper of vehicles enrolled and active in the program.

Promotional Offer

Frequent Promotional offers

By participating in such events, customer will earn more and more reward points.

More Convenience

Secure mode of carrying cash for fuel spends

Customers need not carry hard cash. The cash is lying safely in CCMS or on the card

Outlet locator with map on website for locating petrol pump

Customer can plan his refill before he travels.

User friendly web

Our interactive and advanced website, provides customers control, convenience and various value added services 24 X 7.

Mobile Application

DriveTrack Plus Mobile Application is available on Android, IOS and Windows platforms, which can be downloaded and used on mobile devices for fuel and fleet management.

Mobile Website

DriveTrack Plus Mobile Website can be used while connecting to from a mobile device.

Provision of Emergency Replacement Card

Online add-on card request

Now, customers can request for add-on (additional) cards online.

DriveTrack Plus Centers at 60+ locations

DriveTrack Plus Centers are located near major transport hubs. Customers can approach nearest DriveTrack Plus Centers for availing various services.

SMS alerts

SMS alerts for all transactions.

SMS Services

Right from setting sale or CCMS limit of user cards to unblock user card - just by sending a simple SMS

24 X 7 customer care support

24 X 7 customer care support for any query / feedback.

Our team of Marketing Officers

Our team of Marketing Officers are always available for any help or support.