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Mobile Application

The "DriveTrack Plus Mobile Application" is available in Android, IOS and Windows platforms for our customers and is available in Google Play Store, Apple Store and Microsoft Store.

DriveTrack PLUS Mobile App Feature

Balances & Transactions
  • Balance Summary
  • Card-wise balances
  • Transaction summary for a period
  • Last 10 transactions affecting CCMS / Cards / Drivestars
Card Limit Setting
  • Viewing Card Limits
  • Setting CCMS Reload Limit for all Cards
  • Setting CCMS Reload Limit for individual cards
  • Setting Card Sale Limits
Fuel & Gift Redemption
  • Fuel Redemption
  • Gift Redemption
  • Status Checking - Fuel Redemption
  • Status Checking - Gift Redemption
Account Statement
  • Requesting for monthly or quarterly statement
  • Download of monthly or quarterly statement
Balance Transfer
  • Online CCMS to Card Balance Transfer
  • Online Card to Card Balance Transfer
Pump Locator
  • Link to DT Plus pump locator
  • Locating nearest outlet
Application Form tracking
  • Track status of application form
Updating Contact Details
  • Profile View
  • Updating mobile no. and email address
Card PIN Unblocking & More
  • Card PIN Unblocking
  • SMS Alert Activation
  • Link to HPCL website
  • Link to DT Plus website
  • Change password
  • Reset password