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DriveTrack Plus Loyalty Card Program

DriveTrack Plus is a powerful prepaid card that provides complete fleet management solution to fleet owners and operators in the form of an unbeatable combination of control, convenience, security and attractive reward points. This innovative payment mechanism is designed for efficient management of fleet, through greater control over fuel consumption and operating costs, thereby adding value to business.
DriveTrack Plus also offers solution to corporates for fuel management and gifting.
As per Section 194 R of Income Tax Act, TDS at applicable rate (10% if PAN is available in DriveTrack Plus profile and 20% if PAN is not available in DriveTrack Plus profile) will be deducted on Drivestars loyalty points accrued from 1st July 2022. Accordingly, digital incentive is revised to 0.32% to comply with the Income Tax guidelines, whereas gross rewarding shall remain at 0.40%. Please refer the relevant circular hosted under “Notifications” tab, once you login